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Nona Biosciences is a leading global biotechnology company dedicated to cutting edge technology innovations. We provide a total solution for partners worldwide, from academic institutions and biotech startups to major biopharmaceutical companies. Our integrated antibody discovery services range from antigen preparation, animal immunization and single B cell screening, to antibody lead generation and engineering, developability assessment and pharmacological evaluation. Our advanced antibody discovery engine leverages the unique advantages of our proprietary Harbour Mice® platforms and our highly experienced therapeutic antibody discovery team.
Our cutting-edge Harbour Mice® platform generates fully human monoclonal antibodies in two heavy and two light chains (H2L2) format, as well as heavy chain only (HCAb) format. By integrating Harbour Mice® and the Beacon® single B cell screening platform, Nona Biosciences is committed to driving global inventions of transformative next-generation drugs through diversified partnership strategies. The value and effectiveness of our antibody discovery platforms and our flexible partnership models have been extensively validated.

Our Mission

By leveraging its industrial leading Harbour Mice® platforms, Nona Biosciences is committed to providing a total antibody discovery and development solution for biotech and pharmaceutical companies from Idea to IND (I to ITM).


Core Technology:
Harbour Mice®
Clinically Validated of Fully Human
Antibody Platforms

HCAb is a unique and highly optimized platform for generating fully human heavy chain only antibodies (HCAbs). This groundbreaking technology boasts several notable achievements:

  • The world’s first fully human HCAb transgenic mouse platform
  • The first clinically validated fully human HCAb platform
  • Remarkable versatility for broad applications including bi- and multi-specific antibodies, CAR-T, ADC, mRNA and diagnostic imaging

H2L2 represents a powerful antibody discovery platform featuring transgenic mice with fully human immunoglobulin genes driving robust B cell development and antibody maturation. This advanced technology has global IP protection and is clinically validated.


Next-Generation Therapeutic Modalities
  • HCAb +antibody/protein
  • HCAb +payload
  • HCAb +cell
  • HCAb +nanoparticle

Bispecific antibody

Bispecific mini-body

HCAb-cytokine fusion protein




Bispecific CAR-T cell

CAR-NK cell

mRNA-LNP expressing bispecific antibody

Targeted Drug Delivery

Discovery Solution
A one-stop solution for therapeutic antibody
discovery, engineering and development.
  • Antigen Design,
    Production & Cell
    Line Generation
  • In Vitro Functional
    Assays Establishment
  • Harbour Mice®
    H2L2, HCAb

  • Beacon® Single B
    Cell Screening
  • Display Technologies
    Phage, Yeast & Mammalian Cell

  • Recombinant
  • In Vitro
  • In Vivo PK/PD
    Efficacy Study

  • Developability
  • Antibody Engineering
    Affinity Maturation, Liability Engineering, Fc Engineering
  • Bispecific
Flexible Business Models

We are here for you, embracing and supporting
brilliant ideas, and building your corridor to success.

Versatile Business Solutions to Maximize the Value of Customers:

H2L2 and HCAb Harbour Mice® platforms have been well validated and widely used in industry & academia

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