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Beacon® Single B Cell Screening

Our Beacon® Platforms and Technology

High Throughput Screening
Antibody Discovery by Beacon® Technology
SBC Platform Workflow

High Throughput Screening

Nona Biosciences has developed cutting-edge high-throughput screening platforms to expedite antibody discovery.

Since early 2019, our scientific team has established a single B cell cloning (SBC) platform using Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofluidic technology. We have accumulated substantial expertise in Beacon® and SBC through dozens of antibody discovery projects. Leveraging optimized murine plasma cell enrichment methods, robust and reliable in-chip assay development process, highly efficient single cell sequencing technology, and high-throughput recombinant antibody screening techniques, we’ve successfully applied our SBC platform to more than 50 different antibody generation projects with shortened screening timeline and increased sequence diversity.

We’ve also optimized an innovative high-throughput technology for rapid direct cloning and production of fully human HCAbs from B cells of HCAb Harbour Mice®. This technology facilitates the production of fully human HCAbs in 96-well plates and expedites the process of functional screening.

Despite the capacity of these high-throughput technologies to rapidly screen tens of thousands of B cells and provide a wide array of sequences we are highly motivated to embrace new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to further increase the screening efficiency and sequence diversity. Through the integration of next-generation sequencing and machine learning, we can explore a more extensive sequence space and uncover sequences that cannot be easily identified by other screening methods.

Antibody Discovery in a “Single Day” by Beacon® Technology

Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofluidic System

Beacon® can support the separation and screening of 10,000+ cells in a single run with one 14K or 20K OptoSelect chip. Enriched plasma cells are individually loaded into NanoPen chambers on the chip. Our proprietary medium preserves the viability and facilitates antibody secretion of these plasma cells. Multiple in-chip assays can be sequentially performed to screen those plasma cells, and the cells with desired signals are selected and exported one by one through OEP technology. The entire workflow is completed in just one day.

High Throughput Chip

Each 20K OptoSelect chip has 20,000 individual NanoPen chambers and can separate and screen up to 20,000 cells within a single run.

Versatile In-Chip Assays

With real-time fluorescent microscopy technology, different assays could be performed in-chip for plasma cell screening, including:

  • Antigen beads binding assay
  • Cell binding assay
  • Competition assay
  • Reporter cell assay

All these advantages make SBC platform to become highly efficient and robust antibody discovery platform.

Precisely Single Cell Exporting

Opto-electro positioning (OEP) technology precisely manipulates and unloads cells to 96-well plates preloaded with single-cell sequencing reagents.

SBC platform greatly shortens the workflow from months to days

Comparing to the traditional monoclonal antibody screening by hybridoma, the SBC platform has the following advantages:

  • It will shorten the workflow for positive plasma cell screening from months to a single day.

  • The high throughput screening with 14K or 20K chips dramatically decreases labor costs for screening more than 10,000 cells.

  • Direct screening with individual plasma cells prevents the diversity loss/bias during hybridoma screening.

Typical Hybridoma Workflow
Beacon® Plasma Cell Workflow

AI-Guided Screening for Hyper Sequence Space

Enabling next-generation therapeutic innovation

We are building a new paradigm of antibody discovery by taking advantage of artificial intelligence and high throughput screening technologies. hyperSCREEN is a newly developed novel platform to leverage next-generation sequencing and machine learning to screen millions of sequences and enables us to identify rare sequences that are usually missed by conventional screening methods.

In one example, a panel of HCAbs specific to a novel target were identified by Beacon SBC that showed good bind activities to target cells. In parallel, another panel of HCAbs with good binding activities were identified by hyperSCREEN. Sequence analysis for the HCAbs from the two platforms showed good sequence diversity: 10 HCAbs from the two platforms were categorized into 3 clusters; each platform discovered a unique cluster containing multiple sequences, while both platforms also discovered similar overlapping sequences belonging to the same cluster. This example demonstrates the power of combining high throughput screening and artificial intelligence in antibody discovery.

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